258. Frank Shabazz (C.E.O., Shabazz Fruit Cola Company)

Frank Shabazz was born and raised in Houston, TX and he moved to Newark, NJ in the late 40’s. He completed some courses at Rutgers University and he worked for General Motors for a few years then he got into the soda business. He worked for Vigor Beverages and then A & J Jamaican Ginger Beer Company. This is the place Shabazz learned how to make soda as taught to him by his mentor Alfred James. All around the same time Shabazz became the 6th person to join the N.O.I. in Newark, NJ.

Through the many teachings of Elijah Muhammad Shabazz was taught about the name “Shabazz” and to “do for self” and with Allah’s guidance Shabazz started his own brand, Shabazz Fruit Cola company. As the N.O.I. grew in numbers and popularity, my father’s business grew at the same rate. Shabazz became an international hero being one of the first African Americans to produce his own beverage company in America. He became an inspiration to all people that you can actually “do for self” and have the “American Dream”.

In 1974 Elijah Muhammad died and his son Wallace Muhammad took over the N.O.I. . Wallace destroyed the N.O.I. and began to teach African Americans true Islam dealing with the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Muhammad (SAW) and after some time Allah (SWT) guided Shabazz to accept Islam as his way of life. Shabazz has been an outstanding member of the Muslim Community in Newark, NJ supporting, helping, and contributing to the Ummah.