274. NuqtaARTS (Mobile Arts Organization)

NuqtaARTS provides mobile art classes to people of all ages. It is based in the Washington DC metropolitan area and is available to travel to your local community center. NuqtaARTS offers four courses covering water marbling, muqarnas, geometric design and latch hooking. All of these methods have been employed throughout history by various societies to convey beauty and meaning in their artistic creations.

​In Arabic calligraphy the nuqta (pronounced like Barnes and Noble’s “nook”-ta) or dot is the smallest unit of measure. It is the building block upon which whole scripts were developed. NuqtaARTS hopes to provide the building blocks for its students’ artistic creations.

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223. Global Deaf Muslim (Resource for Deaf Muslims, USA)

GDM is a non profit organization registered in United States of America. The organization was established in 2005 by Deaf Muslim graduates to address the rights and needs of Deaf Muslims across the global ummah.

For Deaf Muslims, accessing Islamic information has always been a challenge. Information about Islam is seldom available in sign language making it difficult to educate Deaf Muslims about Islam and for individuals to conduct their own research. The lack of accessible materials and the systematic exclusion of Deaf Muslims from Masjids and Islamic organizations was identified by GDM as a growing problem that they needed to address.


189. El-Hibri Charitable Foundation (Charitable Foundation, Washington, DC)


The El-Hibri Charitable Foundation aims to foster interfaith dialogue and to find common ground and solutions for global challenges affecting humankind.  The foundation’s goals are achieved by providing grants to other charitable organizations whose work is compatible with our mission and by sponsoring educational forums, dialogues and other consensus-building activities on subjects compatible with our mission.

The foundation strives to build a better world by embracing four initiatives supporting our core values:


186. Amir N. Muhammad (President, Collections & Stories of American Muslims)

Amir N. Muhammad, CSAM’s President and co-founder, AIHM Board Chair)-Prior to opening Collections & Stories of American Muslims, Mr. Muhammad was an owner of A/H Book & Gift Shop in Richmond, VA for six years. He is the author of four books on the history of Muslims in America, and a curator of three exhibits.

His wife, Dr. Habeebah Muhammad (CSAM co-founder/Board Member and AIHM Director) is  the Registrar and Collection Manager at the Smithsonian Institution’s Anacostia Museum and the Center for African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. She has more than seventeen years of experience in Museum Science and services. Mrs. Muhammad was vice president of the Association of African American Museums, and has held a leadership position for the Association of American Museum’s Diversity Coalition.

Collections & Stories of American Muslims (CSAM) was created in 1996 as a 501 © 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and the education of the history of Muslim Americans and the establishment of America’s Islamic Heritage Museum and traveling exhibits in the United States, and abroad, which reflects America’s rich Islamic history, culture and diversity.


181. Teaching Kids the Holy Quran (with Toys) (Quran for Kids Blog)

Why Portray the Holy Quran with toys?

I did this primarily for two groups.

One, Muslims who usually just read the Noble Book in Arabic without understanding a word of what they are reciting by rote. Primarily kids, who are taught from an early age that it is more important to read the Holy Quran than to understand it. They seem to have taken the first revealed word – “Read” – a little too literally! It’s hard to get kids to read, so with a visual aid perhaps they would be more interested in finding out the meaning of the words behind their prayers.

Second, for people who may not read the Holy Quran at all, such as non-Muslims. Many have a negative impression of Muslims in general, and I hope this site, with the words of God visually represented, helps in them seeing what we hold holy in a better light.

About me:

I am a blogger, writer (I wish!), an academic (well I have a Masters), a Canadian and a proud Muslim. I maintain my personal blog at A Bengali in TO. And I really like photography. And LEGO.

You can contact me by email – mezbam [at] hotmail [dot] com


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1.The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the final Prophet of God according to the Quran (the holy book of the Muslims) and is one of history’s most dynamic, powerful and inspiring personalities. Within 23 years of his life, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was able to transform Arabia from a lawless and warring region into a united and prosperous nation. Muslims revere the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and seek to follow his example as he is considered to be the perfect example of how a human being should live their life in the service of God.
Described in the Quran as a “Mercy to mankind,” the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) spread his message not by the sword, but through his actions, mercy and character. Muslims do not worship Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), they follow his life example and teachings. Today 1.5 Billion people follow the religion of Islam and Muslims are one of the most diverse religious groups in the world with followers of many ethnic, regional, and linguistic backgrounds.

Below is a short biography of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him):


Suggested further readings include “In the Footsteps of the Prophet” by Tariq Ramadan and “Muhammad” by Martin Lings.