302. Hind Makki (Founder, Side Entrance)


Hind Makki is the founder of Side Entrance a blog that highlights women’s spaces (both the good and bad) in various masjids in the United States. Makki is also the co-founder of Muslim-ARC (Muslim Anti-Racism Coalition). Makki is also a blogger for Patheos where she write about interfaith, MENA, and Muslims in the West, and pop culture.

Follow Hind here: http://www.twitter.com/hindmakki

Patheos: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/hindtrospectives

Side Entrance: http://www.sideentrance.tumblr.com


259. Dr. Nurah-Rosalie Amat’ullah (CEO, Muslim Women’s Institute for Research and Development)

Dr.Nurah Amat’ullah  is the founder and CEO of the Muslim Women’s Institute for Research and Development,a multi-service institution in the Bronx, New York founded in 1987.MWIRD has established two Halal food pantries in New York City-the first two such food programs in the city, and among the few  Halal food programs for the needy in the United States.Currently, more than 8,000 families in New York City are served by these pantries each month.

MWIRD also provides health and educational services for thousands of Bronx,NY residents each month.

Dr. Amat’ullah received her Doctorate of Ministry degree from the New York Theological Seminary, and her Islamic Chaplaincy certification from the Hartford Seminary. In addition to her leadership of MWIRD, she is recognized for her role in faith-based service in the international interfaith community.

242. Abdullah Antepli (Muslim Chaplain, Duke University)


Imam Abdullah completed his basic training and education in his native Turkey. From 1996-2003 he worked on a variety of faith-based humanitarian and relief projects in Myanmar (Burma) and Malaysia with the Association of Social and Economic Solidarity with Pacific Countries. He is the founder and executive board member of the Muslim Chaplains Association and a member of the National Association of College and University Chaplains. From 2003 to 2005 he served as the first Muslim chaplain at Wesleyan University. He then moved to Hartford Seminary in Connecticut, where he was the associate director of the Islamic Chaplaincy Program & Interfaith Relations, as well as an adjunct faculty member.

As the Muslim chaplain at Duke University, he is one of only a handful of full-time Muslim chaplains at U.S. colleges and universities. His work at Duke focuses on three primary areas:

  • religious leadership for Duke’s Muslim community
  • pastoral care and counseling for persons of any faith, or of no ascribed faith
  • intra- and interfaith work

He engages students, faculty, and staff across campus through seminars, panels, and other avenues to provide a Muslim voice and perspective to the discussions of faith, spirituality, social justice, and more. As part of this work, Chaplain Antepli serves as a faculty member in the Divinity School and at DISC (Duke Islamic Studies Center), teaching a variety of courses on Islam.



238. Faiza N. Ali (Community Activist, New York)

Faiza N. Ali is a community activist, organizer and independent consultant based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the former Community Affairs Director at the New York chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, America’s largest Muslim civil rights advocacy group. Ali has participated in several panel discussions about issues pertaining to American Muslims, social justice, and civic engagement and has been quoted in and appeared on local, national, and ethnic media outlets including NY1, WABC, and the NY Times. She is currently a steering committee member of the Coalition for Muslim School Holidays and helped found the Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition (MACLC). Ali graduated from Pace University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.


234.Khurshid Khan (Deputy Attorney General, Pakistan Army)

Pakistan’s Deputy Attorney-General, Khurshid Khan cleans the shoes of thousands of devotees at India’s Golden Temple in Amritsar in ‘penance’ for the beheading of a Sikh in Peshawar two years ago.


226. Leila Jabarin (Muslim Holocaust Survivor)

For more than five decades, Leila Jabarin hid her secret from her Muslim children and grandchildren — that she was a Jewish Holocaust survivor born in Auschwitz concentration camp.




189. El-Hibri Charitable Foundation (Charitable Foundation, Washington, DC)


The El-Hibri Charitable Foundation aims to foster interfaith dialogue and to find common ground and solutions for global challenges affecting humankind.  The foundation’s goals are achieved by providing grants to other charitable organizations whose work is compatible with our mission and by sponsoring educational forums, dialogues and other consensus-building activities on subjects compatible with our mission.

The foundation strives to build a better world by embracing four initiatives supporting our core values: