The following are projects Muslim Heroes seeks to implement.

A. Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony would be established to highlight the accomplishments of the various Muslim Heroes in their respective categories. The winners of the awards can be voted for or can be picked prior to the event.

B. Scholarship Fund

The scholarship fund would be used to encourage Muslims pursuing degrees in particular fields similar to the Muslim Heroes and encourage professional development in the Muslim community.

C. “Meet a Hero”

These events will be intimate settings in which Muslim Heroes will have time to answer questions and get to talk to the attendees. These can be dinners or lunches or some form of fun entertainment.

D. Who’s Your Muslim Hero? Video Contest

The video contest will be a grassroots contest aimed at highlighting the contributions of everyday Muslim Heroes from various fields. The contest winners will be given prize money for first place, second place, and third place.

E. Muslim Hero Town Halls

These events would be designed to create a more intimate atmosphere for individuals to get to know the Muslim Heroes within their communities.

F. Community Organizing Workshops

Muslim Heroes will be bringing resources such as workshops and seminars to various cities to assist in training community members on civic engagement, interfaith, government and law enforcement relations, leadership skills, and overall community organizing techniques and strategies.

G. Muslim Heroes “Call to Action” Forum

Muslim Heroes will help establish forums in which community members can openly speak about challenges facing their communities. The forum will be themed regarding a particular challenge in the respective community and individuals will present their suggested solutions to the challenges of the community.

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