293. Abrar Omeish (Co-Founder, GIVE)

American Flag Hijab


Abrar Omeish is the co-founder of the non-profit organization GIVE: Growth and Inspiration through Volunteering and Education. This is a youth-led and youth-run group that works to provide youth with resources to excel in education and leadership.

Abrar also holds several student positions in her county, most recently serving as the President of the FCPS Superintendent Student Advisory Council, the highest council position for a student in the county. Abrar also launched the two-year “Bring it On” issue campaign through which she amended policies of the Fairfax County Public School System. The campaign measurably increased student political efficacy in the governance process. Because of her involvement, Abrar was asked to host a video on important issues that was aired to over 100,000 students and that earned the county a Telly Award. She was also asked by several School Board members to serve on county advisory committees including ones on advanced academics and student discipline.

      Abrar also serves as the chairwoman of the Fairfax County Government Student Human Rights Commission and as a representative to the Fairfax County Youth Leadership Program, a bridge between the school system and the county government.

     Abrar is also an active Girl Scout, currently elected as a GSCNC Board of Directors member and as a GSCNC National Delegate. She was awarded the President’s Award in Honor of Ethel G. Harvey (one out of 65,000) and earned the rank of a Gold Award Girl Scout. As a result of her work, Abrar was nominated to join IYAG: the Interfaith Youth Action Group of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation that worked to foster dialogue and implement projects using the United Nations Millennium Development Goals as a platform.






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