269. Basel Almisshal (Founder and Creative Director,StudioBasel for Creative Solutions)

Basel Almisshal has a wide range of experience in the fields of urban development, post- war reconstruction & conflict resolution and project management gained through research, field work and teaching in the UK, the Middle East and former Yugoslavia. Basel’s entrepreneurial background makes him an expert in combining branding and marketing with creative design for outstanding results.

Basel Almisshal is also a practicing architect with expertise in conceptual design and management of residential, hospitality and commercial design projects. In his architecture, Almisshal exhibits a harmonious balance of intricately detailed forms, spaces, and elements, and reveals a true connection to the relevant physical environments that house the building projects. Almisshal strives to create spaces that have a strong sense of identity while maintaining artistic beauty, environmental friendliness and economic stability.

Basel has a BSc in Architecture from IUG in Palestine and has completed his Masters & PhD research at the University of York in the United Kingdom and intensive training in project managment, photography production & CG softwares.

Basel is also the Founder and organizer of the “Capture the Spirit of Ramadan” International Photography Competition™, (www.capturethespiritoframadan.org) a unique and unprecedented 30-day visual celebration that aims to educate and enlighten thousands of viewers around the world about the holy month of Ramadan. Basel wanted to create a platform for talented photographers to share their creativity with the world while delivering a cross-cultural and inter-faith message that captures the spirit of Ramadan through their own lenses.

In its first year, the IRPC attracted over 25,000 photographers and photography enthusiasts worldwide with over 1000 unique photo entries from forty countries.A book has been published as a tribute to this achievement and to the photographers that took part in this initiative. It is a one of a kind addition to photography book titles and the first and only photography publication solely dedicated to “Ramadan” around the world. Each photo is a visual statement of its own and when put together tell a wonderful story about Ramadan around the world.





And more as found in the NEWS section of the www.capturethespiritoframadan.org website.



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