247. Anwar Ahmad Khan (Vice President of Programs/Founder, Islamic Relief USA)

Anwar Ahmad Khan was born in Sialkot to Dr. Rauf Ahmad Khan, graduate of DOW Medical College and Mrs. Sanjeeda Khan; graduate of Oriental College in Lahore, in 1971.
Soon after, the family briefly moved to Riyadh so Dr. Khan could pursue his talents as a practicing medical doctor.  After a couple of years, the family settled in England where
Mr. Khan and his siblings grew up.
After graduating with honors from The University of Birmingham, Anwar made a decision to pursue his passion in humanitarian work and professionally joined Islamic Relief in 1993.
In 1994, Mr. Khan arrived in the United States with the intention of spending a couple of months with his colleague to assess the opportunities for establishing a US branch of the organization.  He spent years visiting cities and working with grassroots organizations across the country to build a base of support as one of the founders of Islamic Relief USA.
Nineteen years later, Islamic Relief USA sits amongst the top 2% of all Non Profit Organizations in the United States of America according to Charity Navigator.
Anwar Khan has risked his life visiting some of the most dangerous areas of the world including Chechnya, Darfur, Gaza, and many others.  His has also responded to earthquakes and volcanos as far apart from Haiti to Indonesia.  Apart from his international efforts, Anwar was also involved helping in the United States during Katrina, and recent the tornadoes in Texas.
With his hard work, determination, and visionary efforts, Anwar Khan has contributed in the solicitation of hundreds of millions of dollars for the impoverished people around the globe and continues selflessly to make this world a better place; one person at a time.

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