244. CoachAmal:SuperMuslimah Project (Online Women’s Life Coaching)

The SuperMuslimah Project is a project designed to support, motivate and encourage Muslim women to step forward in their lives with confidence.

Through working with Muslim women for over 20 years in many different countries and circumstances, I’ve seen many of the same themes recurring time and time again. There are many women who want to do more with their lives; they want to be better Muslimahs, wives, daughters, mothers, friends; they want to have an occupation that suits their character and abilities; they want to cope better with the changes that happen in their lives, but there is something stopping them.

When this happens they may try to pretend that all is well and they don’t really mind, but inside they are feeling dissatisfied. Maybe they have tried to change things in the past and they didn’t work out the way they had hoped, so they procrastinate about trying again to avoid the issue. Or maybe the fear of trying something new and failing makes them avoid even thinking about trying, so they block the thoughts out and slip into laziness and lethargy. In the worst case scenario, they may even give in, resigning themselves to what is and feel powerless to change their circumstances.

The SuperMuslimah Project is for just those women. Through blog posts and articles, a Facebook page, and coaching, insha Allah, we will open doors, show new insights, inspire women and support them to see their life through new eyes, to realise that there is another way, that there is hope and that they can make positive changes in their lives.




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