205. Monem Salam (Director and Vice President of Islamic Investing, Saturna Capital)

Monem Salam, Director and Vice President of Islamic Investing and Amana’s deputy portfolio manager, was born in Pakistan in 1972. Raised in Texas, Mr. Salam received his degrees from the University of Texas: BA (Austin) and MBA (Dallas). He worked as Chief Investment Officer for ITG & Associates (Dallas) until 1999, then as a representative with Morgan Stanley (suburban Dallas) until joining Saturna Capital in June 2003.

Monem manages many of Saturna’s Islamic private accounts. Mr. Salam is active with the Muslim community in North America and chairman of Peaceful Communications, a non-profit supporting documentaries about Muslims in America. Mr. Salam speaks at Islamic finance/investment conferences worldwide, and in U.S. Islamic communities about spirituality, Sharia, and Islamic investing. He is a the co-author of A Muslim’s Guide to Investing and Personal Finance and contributes articles to leading Islamic Finance magazines. In 2008, he was named one of Institutional Investor Magazine’s 20 Rising Stars of Mutual Funds. Mr. Salam is a licensed private pilot, an achievement that is the subject of a PBS documentary, “On A Wing and A Prayer: An American Muslim Learns To Fly.”





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