192. Elena Meloni Moon (Founder, New Star Family Center)

The mother of three has worked tirelessly and passionately for a cause that has become synonymous with her name in southern California – foster care. As founder of New Star Family Center, a social services organization, Meloni can often be found deeply involved in a case, advocating for the children and families as if they were her own. Her efforts include diligently organizing and attending events in the Muslim community to raise awareness of the need of foster children and families, and getting Muslim parents certified to become foster parents. Meloni moved to the United States with her family from Italy at the age of 14, and she accepted Islam after reading a Qur’an and attending classes at a mosque. Despite her busy schedule, IFN had a chance to find out more about this social activist.

Southern California In-Focus Magazine:    http://www.infocusnews.net/content/view/33145/135/

Daily Breeze:    http://www.allbusiness.com/society-social/families-children-family/14029360-1.html




4 thoughts on “192. Elena Meloni Moon (Founder, New Star Family Center)

  1. Elena Meloni is a wonderful Muslimah in our community trying to help the most under represented of us. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. from Volunteer of Anaheim Family Justice Center – Jo An Gottlieb, enjoyed meeting you and congratulations on all of your efforts. You will be blessed a million times over.

  3. A truly selfless, kind, loving and compassionate person, who is a gift to humanity. Elena woks tirelessly to help others. She is an inspiration!

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