190. Green Muslims (Environmental Group, Washington, DC)

Green Muslims seek to reemphasize the unique role and responsibility entrusted upon humanity by God: environmental stewardship. We hope to serve as a bridge between American Muslim communities as well as partner with a wide spectrum of organizations accomplishing great work. Additionally, Green Muslims seek to provide a unique and organic source of environmental leadership, inspiration, awareness, and direct action within Muslim communities.

 In 2007, a small group of Muslims hosted a zero-trash potluck iftar during the month of Ramadan. These individuals intended to raise awareness of global environmental issues within a Muslim community while hoping to create a language of Muslim-based environmentalism that would precipitate across communities. This group began a discussion of what unique actions Muslims could take to address environmental challenges at a local and spiritual level. Within a few months, the group held two more green iftars, reaching attendance five times greater than the initial iftar. It seems Muslims in this community were thirsty for this kind of thinking and this group was filling a void.

Since then, Green Muslims has continued to organize events to raise awareness, develop tool-kits that include practical tips on protecting the environment, and volunteer opportunities for youth.



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