188. Omar Khawaja (Founder, Little Big Kids)

When our first born was 2 years old, we were eager to add to his ever growing number of toys, books and room decor. As Muslim American parents we wanted our kids to have access to products that were not only fun but also gave our child a stronger sense of identity. But as we soon discovered, few products in this category had the charm and appeal that we could appreciate and that our son could also relate to. Little BIG Kids was born to change that.

About the Founder and Chief Big Kid, Omar Khawaja

Omar has held various roles in his professional career over the past 12 years. His experiences range from product & package development at Estee Lauder to Structured Finance modeling at a leading global advisory firm. Omar holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Hofstra University and a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University in New York.

Despite a relatively long professional career, Omar has always been an entrepreneur at heart. At a very young age he would design video games in the hopes of one day turning them into reality. But it wasn’t until his wife was expecting their first child that Omar felt a strong urge to move beyond corporate America and do something a bit more meaningful. So he left his job at Estee Lauder for graduate school, then left New York for a new career upon graduation and consequently started Little Big Kids in the process. Somewhere in between all this his second child was also born.

Omar now calls Northern Virginia his home. He lives there with his wife Nadia and three wonderful kids who are the inspirational driving force behind Little Big Kids.

Website: www.littlebigkids.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/littlebigkids
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/littlebigkids


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