181. Teaching Kids the Holy Quran (with Toys) (Quran for Kids Blog)

Why Portray the Holy Quran with toys?

I did this primarily for two groups.

One, Muslims who usually just read the Noble Book in Arabic without understanding a word of what they are reciting by rote. Primarily kids, who are taught from an early age that it is more important to read the Holy Quran than to understand it. They seem to have taken the first revealed word – “Read” – a little too literally! It’s hard to get kids to read, so with a visual aid perhaps they would be more interested in finding out the meaning of the words behind their prayers.

Second, for people who may not read the Holy Quran at all, such as non-Muslims. Many have a negative impression of Muslims in general, and I hope this site, with the words of God visually represented, helps in them seeing what we hold holy in a better light.

About me:

I am a blogger, writer (I wish!), an academic (well I have a Masters), a Canadian and a proud Muslim. I maintain my personal blog at A Bengali in TO. And I really like photography. And LEGO.

You can contact me by email – mezbam [at] hotmail [dot] com


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One thought on “181. Teaching Kids the Holy Quran (with Toys) (Quran for Kids Blog)

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I have added your pages to my “Mentions” page on my blog. Currently busy helping out with a friend’s wedding, but should be back publishing a depiction of Surah Ar Rum’s verses on May 28, iA.

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