153. Atif Moon (Co-Founder, Center for Global Understanding)

Atif Moon was born in 1985 with a late stage cancer of the spinal cord and had little chance of survival.  What stayed with the Moon family and planted the seed that grew into CFGU was the team of doctors, a group of diverse individuals, some were Christians; some Hindus, some Jews and some Muslims. All of them worked very hard to save Atif’s life. They did not ask what religion Atif was, but rather, how could they work together to save his life. Their common goal of saving a life and serving humanity trumped any cultural or religious differences they may have had.

Today Atif is a cancer survivor. Despite 3 surgeries at the age of 1 month and 4 more surgeries, one lasting 14 hours, he moved forward with his life and graduated from UCLA in 2007. He interned at the White House in 2006 and is an International Wheelchair Tennis Player. He has been selected as “2009 Ten Outstanding Young Americans” by the United States Junior Chambers and “2008 Outstanding Young Californians” by California Junior Chambers, also known as California Jaycees.

He is pursuing his Master’s degree in Sports Management and lives in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. He is the co-founder of the Center for Global Understanding (CFGU)


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