152. Anas Canon (Artistic Director/Exec. Director, Remarkable Current)

Anas Canon is artistic director and executive producer for the independent record label Remarkable Current, which he founded in 2001. It is amazing that RC will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year as an independent record label, which is no small feat in the ever changing music industry.  In a 2009 publication out of Georgetown University and the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, Canon was named among the “500 Most Influential Muslims” in the American Media category.  Anas is a DJ, producer, engineer, and videographer, to name a few of his roles in the entertainment industry.  His label has put out over 12 full length albums and continues to release new artists, bands and material.

The tour of Indonesia is a result of Canon’s Hip Hop Ambassadors Program, which he developed to fill the need to present a positive examples of Muslim Americans to the international community as well as spread the messages of peace & love through the universal language of music.  After the most recent tour of Indonesia, sponsored by the US Embassy in Jakarta through their Performance Arts Initiative, this video was released highlighting the results from the tour: http://bit.ly/fIQBzt





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