145. G. Willow Wilson (Author, USA)

G. Willow Wilson is an American author and essayist who divides her
time between Egypt and the US. Her articles about modern religion and
the Middle East have appeared in publications including theAtlantic
Monthly, The New York Times Magazine and The Canada National Post.

Willow was born in New Jersey in 1982, and later moved to Colorado.
She began her writing career at 17, when she freelanced as a music and
DJ critic for Boston’s Weekly Digg while a student at Boston
University. After graduating with a degree in History and coursework
in Arabic language and literature, Willow moved to Cairo, where she
became the first western writer to interview Sheikh Ali Gomaa, the
current Mufti of Egypt and one of the most influential clerics in
modern Islam. She was a regular contributor to the Egyptian opposition
weekly Cairo Magazine until it closed in 2005.

Willow is a convert to Islam and her commentary often addresses
Islamic and interfaith issues. An avid supporter of new and
alternative media, Willow has written for politics and culture blogs
from across the political spectrum, including Eteraz.org and Dean’s



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