138. Dr. Mohammad Shafi (Chair of the Board,Dar al Islam)

Dr. Mohammad Shafi has been involved in building the Muslim American community since he came to the United States in 1958 to pursue his PhD at Georgetown University. Even at that time he was founding organizations (Pakistani Students of Greater Washington) and providing guidance on the Muslim world (such as through speeches at the First Unitarian Church). His work has always been about the Muslim American community and the ways in which it integrates and supports the American community at-large.

While the accomplishments that are most important to him are being a parent to one son and three daughters, a grandfather and a husband, his contributions to the Muslim American community are broad.

In the past 50 years, he has helped to establish, given technical assistance to, financially supported or been on the Board of Directors of dozens of Muslim organizations, Islamic Centers, Outreach and Educational efforts and student groups. He has had the privilege of giving khutbas for over 40 years all over the world, especially in the Caribbean and the United States.  In 1978 he helped to establish Dar al Islam, which has been building bridges between the Muslim American community and the American community, especially through secondary school teachers institutes.

He is currently semi-retired, “only” doing his Islamic work. In semi-retirement he is still Chair of the Board of Dar al Islam. He is also still giving khutbas in the DC metro region every friday at different locations and providing technical assistance and guidance to numerous other Muslim organization projects. When he was less retired he was an Executive Manager and did that in a diverse set of industries including: insurance; defense; management information systems; research and development.

His hope for the Muslim Community is that they be more socially active to solve problems of the society in which they live. Being part of society and helping society, through the guidance that Islam provides, he believes, is among the many important works to be accomplished by Muslims.




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