136. Sameer Sarmast (Sameer’s Eats, Webshow)


Sameer Sarmast, 29, born and raised in Bergen County, New Jersey, is the creator of a new webshow called Sameer’s Eats.  Each webisode, Sameer travels to a new halal restaurant exploring its mouthwatering cuisine, making fans flock to the establishments.  Those who choose to keep zabiha-halal in America, have to work a little harder finding restaurants that make the same dishes we all crave.

Website: http://sameerseats.com
Youtube channel: http://youtube.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/sameerseats
Video Interview for Elanthemag.com: http://www.elanthemag.com/index.php/site/blog_detail/meet_the_man_behind_sameers_eats-nid975315540/


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