129. Salman Ravala (Founding Director, Dollar-A-Day Scholarship Fund)

Salman Ravala is an Attorney and the Founding Director of Dollar-A-Day Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships, mentoring, leadership, and career and professional development resources to young Muslim-Americans.   A former visiting legal scholar at the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, Mr. Ravala most recently served as the Ariane de Rothschild fellow for Dialogue and Social Entrepreneurship at Columbia University, and has won numerous community service awards including the American Red Cross Distinguished Service Award as well as the President’s Call To Service Award.  His long term vision is to decrease the illiteracy rate in Muslim majority countries as well as throughout America as he believes that education leads to change, hope, progress and opportunity.


http://mei.edu/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=vBOcNODJbGg%3d&tabid=541 (Page 34)


One thought on “129. Salman Ravala (Founding Director, Dollar-A-Day Scholarship Fund)

  1. Great job Mr. Ravala
    Happy to know we have D-A-D scholarship for Muslim brother and sister and hope we get more people to help with his dream. IA

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