116. Yasmine & Imran Hafiz (Co-Authors, The American Muslim Teenager’s Handbook)

The 2007 self-published, non-fiction book about American Muslims, The Muslim Teenager’s Handbook was picked up by Simon & Schuster less than a year later. The expanded 2nd edition was released in 2009 with over 25,000 copies published.  It’s now in over 4,000 libraries in the US as well as on the curriculum of several colleges in the US.

Their brave, unflinching defense of their religion is a testament to their determination to prove that being ‘American Muslims’ is not a contradiction in terms.  They have conducted over 165 TV/Radio/Print interviews including the NY Times, The Christian Science Monitor, NPR, and BBC World. Both Yasmine & Imran proudly put themselves in the public eye as approachable, accessible Muslims while they were only in high school.  They embraced interfaith activism – both serving on the Board of the Arizona Interfaith Movement’s Youth Division.

Yasmine is currently a junior at Yale University, and Imran is a freshman at Duke University.  They continue to try to dispel stereotypes & misconceptions about Islam in America.  They have been invited to return as keynote speakers to the Ethnic Pen Conference in April in Long Island, NY; they also have participated in webchats with Muslims around the world courtesy of the US State Dept.



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