115. Kevin Barrow (Co-Founder, DC Qur’an Halaqa)

Kevin Barrow‘s passion for people, education and the environment has
inspired his work and community engagement both in the US and
internationally. His current work in Washington, D.C. embraces both the
fields of Muslim community development and environmental social

As one of the two founders of the DC Qur’an Halaqa, he has worked
arduously to place the Qur’an in the hands of the people, Muslim and
non-Muslim alike. For its Muslim members, the Halaqa facilitates
community development by bringing together Muslims from various
racial, sectarian and socio-economic backgrounds through their shared
desire to become more personally and intimately familiar with the
Qur’an. In so doing, he has facilitated the development of a forum
that simultaneously helps enhance the community’s awareness of the
Qur’an’s call to social justice, civic responsibility and personal
development, and serves as a launching pad for ideas and activities
for American Muslims inspired initiatives of both a religious and
civic character. For its non-Muslim members, the Halaqa has provided a
safe and authentic place for both learning about Islam through its
Holy Book, and connecting their religious and cultural communities to
Muslims. In addition to the Halaqa’s intensive weekly Qur’anic study,
the Halaqa also engages in active community bridge building and
service projects.



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