97. Adnan Durrani (Chief Halal Officer, American Halal Company)

Adnan Durrani speaks about the next Trillion dollar market with mind numbing facts. He has successfully 3 times taken a startup idea from zero to tens / hundreds of millions of dollars within a very short span. He holds a 100% track record of successfully identifying early trends in Food and Beverage industry to benefit from it.

Adnan Durrani founded Vermont Pure in 1991. Today, Vermont Pure/Crystal Rock is the 2nd largest bottled water company in the Northeast U.S. As a principal investor and financial partner in Stonyfield Farms, Inc, he helped build it from $25 million in sales in 1994 to over $70 million and led its sale to Groupe Danone in 2001. Stonyfield today generates over $300 million in sales annually. Adnan Durrani was also a principal of Delicious Brands, Inc, which he scaled, with the financial backing of Carl Icahn, to become the 5th largest cookie brand in the U.S.




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