91. Salman Khan (Online Tutor, Khan Academy)

Salman Khan holds three BS degrees from MIT and an MBA degree from Harvard Business School. Having all necessary pre-requisites to be a successful, full-time businessman, he opts not to be one. Rather, he chooses to do something different. An idea transforms the gist of his life and the very objectives he is to pursue.

Hailing from US and ethnically a Bengali, Khan currently is a teacher. And in the most unconventional way possible. He makes video tutorials, teaching basic mathematics, English, algebra and other school and college subjects and uploads them online at Khan Academy. Videos for GMAT and SAT test prep are also available at the site. His simple and effective teaching style has made these videos an immediate success with the online audience. Starting from a humble objective of imparting education to his cousins, he now receives some 200,000 visits monthly on his website and bulk of emails and letter from grateful students who consider Khan Academy a very effective academic source. Not only is he the originator of the idea, he also records each and every video himself and is thus the real teacher in all 1800+ videos.


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