77. Tayyibah Taylor (Editor-in-Chief, Azizah Magazine)

Tayyibah Taylor is the founding editor-in-chief and publisher of Azizah Magazine, the voice of Muslim American women and recipient of a 2009 New American Media National Ethnic Journalism Award. Ms. Taylor has also contributed to PINK Magazine, The Review & Expositor, Aramco Magazine and other publications. She has presented lectures on Islam and Muslim women at national and international conferences, including the Duke University’s Marketing Muslim Women Conference, the Fulbright Symposium in Perth, Australia, the Harvard Divinity School’s Islam in America Conference, the International Islamic University of Malaysia’s Islam and Muslims in the 21st Century Conference, and the Lecture Series at the women’s college of Shariah and Law of the International Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Ms. Taylor received the 2005 Media Award from the Concerned Black Clergy of Atlanta, the 2003 Honoring Women in the Media Award from the Muslim Women’s League and the 2002 Hagar Achievement through Sacrifice Award from Sisters United in Human Service. She attended the 2008 Leadership Institute for Women Journalists, and is a graduate of Leadership Atlanta (Class 2005) and the Diversity Leadership Academy (Atlanta Class 2003).

Born on the island of Trinidad, Ms. Taylor grew up in Canada, studying biology and philosophy at the University of Toronto. She also attended classes at King Abdul-Aziz University for Arabic and Islamic Studies in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She has traveled to 31 countries, including five interfaith pilgrimages to Europe and the Middle East and also in the capacity of a public diplomacy envoy.






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