65. Suhail Khan (Senior Fellow, Institute for Global Engagement)


Suhail Khan is a political and government affairs consultant with experience serving on Capitol Hill, the Executive Branch including the White House, political campaigns, and on the boards of various advocacy organizations.

Suhail served as Policy Director and Press Secretary for U.S. Congressman Tom Campbell (R-CA).  After the 2000 elections, he aided the White House Office of Public Liaison in the President’s outreach to the conservative, think-tank, military & veteran and Asian-American communities.

From 2002 to 2009, Suhail served at the U.S. Department of Transportation in various capacities.  For his leadership in the passage of the Administration’s $284 Billion Surface Reauthorization Legislation (SAFETEA-LU), Suhail was awarded the Secretary’s Team Award in 2005.  He was awarded the Secretary’s Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement in 2007.  Suhail also successfully served as a Presidential E.O. Project Champion for the Georgia 411 Connector where the Record of Decision (ROD) was signed in October, 2008.

Suhail serves on the Board of the American Conservative Union, the Indian American Republican Council, the Muslim Public Service Network and the Islamic Free Market Institute.  Suhail is a Senior Fellow for Christian-Muslim Understanding at the Institute for Global Engagement, an organization dedicated to promoting religious freedom.  Suhail has been instrumental in organizing educational forums, seminars, receptions and conferences on issues ranging from political participation, national defense, faith, and religious freedom.





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