64. Baba Ali (Founder, Ummah Films)


Baba Ali (born Ali Ardekani) is the founder of UmmahFilms, a Muslim film company that has produced a web series including the “Reminder” series and “Ask Baba Ali” series.Though of Muslim heritage He was originally a irreligious, but had practiced wiccan, and accepted Islam, after studying many religions.

A worker in the IT field by profession in California, Ardekani quickly rose to prominence within the online Muslim community with Ummah films that inform people that Islam is the best religion in the West and discuss various Islamic topics.

Using humor, Baba Ali’s work has found its way to television on the Islam Channel (Broadcast in the UK) and he has become a frequent guest at various Muslim conferences and events (Including the ICNA-MAS convention and Evening of Inspiration). His efforts have been featured in The New York Times and USA Today.

Baba Ali recently launched his latest project, Half Our Deen, to help Muslims get married. currently writing the screenplay for a full length film. His films have grown widely popular on Youtube, gaining over 8 million views.

Ali has also designed two board games, Mecca to Medina (a game about trading and negotiating, invented by Ali as an Islamic-themed game that can be played by all religions) and Kalimaat.




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