59. Shahed Amanullah (Editor-in-Chief, Altmuslim.com)

Shahed Amanullah is a longtime Muslim American community leader who has been active in articulating the voice of American Muslims. As editor-in-chief of  altmuslim.com, an online newsmagazine covering issues related to Islam in the West, Shahed writes and speaks regularly about the challenges and opportunities facing Islam in America. His work and writings have been featured in Newsweek, San Jose Mercury News, New York Times, Washington Post, BBC News, National Public Radio, BeliefNet, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Voice of America. His television appearances include “Nightline with Ted Koppel”, CNN Headline News, the “Today Show”, “America’s Most Wanted”, and “Hannity & Colmes”.

Shahed is the founder of Halalfire Media (http://www.halalfire.com/), a network of Islamic-themed websites with over 5 million visitors annually. Along with altmuslim.com, signature properties include zabihah.com, the world’s largest database of Halal restaurants and markets, salatomatic.com, an extensive list of reviewed mosques and schools in Muslim-minority countries, and halalapalooza.com, a comprehensive guide to Islamic e-commerce.




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