49. Ebrahim (Musician, Canada)

To most musicians, music is life. To others, it’s an outlet. For Ebrahim, its just one of many avenues that enable him to intertwine his life and respect for music, into expressive thoughts. “I don’t live for music. I wouldn’t even call myself a musician. I’m a fan of music, paying tribute to those who influenced me. If other people so happen to enjoy what I’m doing, even better.”

We are at a time where the state of music is all about “sick” beats and irrelevant song topics. It’s refreshing to know that there are still those who are dedicated to perfecting their craft, yet remain unphased by the material aspects of the music industry.

On his debut album, entitled ’78 is Irrelevant, Ebrahim embraces universal constants such as love and relationships, but he also confronts topics a little less ordinary. In the title track, ’78 is Irrelevant, Ebrahim begs the question “Where has all the good music gone?!” With lyrics like, “…whatever happened to the days when we used to say ‘Hey, it’s Tuesday,’ time to drop ten dollars on that brand new release, pop it in, press play and inspire me,” Ebrahim’s quick witted charm is quite apparent.

Ebrahim’s consistent, yet inviting sound, is in part due to his close connection with the Extra Medium Sound collective. Comprised of Evan Chan, Ryan Barbaza and Francis Garcia, they, along with Ebrahim, have been able to develop a distinct sound, strong friendship and loyal work situation for Ebrahim’s first solo record. “I owe a lot to these guys. I dont even know if Id even consider this a solo record. It’s as much theirs as it is mine.”

In the end, Ebrahim has gone on record to say that all music is subjective. Whether or not you embrace him or his music is clearly up to you. But in this day and age, when so-called artists are a dime a dozen, and music store shelves stay stocked A through Z, the pickings are still slim. ’78 was a good year, but that’s the past and not the present. Let Ebrahim remind you that even in ’06 music still holds its relevance.



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